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PS2 slimline quirks

Discussion in 'New Consoles' started by tsumake, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. tsumake

    tsumake New Member

    I like my PStwo quite much: it's small, sexy, and it does what it's bigger brethren does. Well, almost. I have a problem running a few games on it. I load in the game "Stuntman" and the machine pauses a few seconds, then kicks into the browser. It apparently recognizes the disc (as it shows it on the browser), but when I try to load it there, it pauses again and then kicks back into the browser, or it says the disc is unreadable. This didn't happen in my old first-run PS2.

    Then I tried running FF8 on my slimline. It works fine, except for the fact that it apparently freezes at a certain moment. When I lead Squall from to the Front Gate in the Garden (start of the game) from the previous screen, it goes black, and all I get is BG music. The disc is clean and it's the re-release version.

    I know this is Sony, but does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone know of a compatibility list for the PS2 slimline somewhere on the net? Thanks!
  2. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    I've never heard of these being compatibility problems. To my knowledge the only game that will run on a regular PS2 and not a slim one is FFXI, and that is probably fixable with some careful hacking.
  3. SilentSnipeR

    SilentSnipeR New Member

    yep, because the PStwo doesn't have the hard drive feature....but there is a mod to fix that as well. I'd say your copy of stuntman might be damaged. Try hiring it out at the video shop to see if the rental copy does the same thing.

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