PS2 supercomputer

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I'm still reading it, so I'll comment later.

The resulting system, with components purchased at retail prices, cost a little more than $50,000. Researchers at the supercomputing center believe the system may be capable of a half trillion operations a second, well within the definition of supercomputer, although it may not rank among the world's 500 fastest supercomputers.

... oh, and it runs Linux.
... I wonder what distro?
they have ran linux on Xbox, from what I understand. I heard that someone found a security flaw in some game's 'save state.' I think it was 007 or something.

though the article did mention "By contrast, it is almost impossible for researchers to install the Linux system on Microsoft's Xbox game console. "

I also asked what distro of Linux the PS2 ran, then I read this: "The supercomputing center's scientists said they had chosen the PlayStation 2 because Sony sells a special Linux module that includes a high-speed network connection and a disk drive"

and the BBC mentioned:

"The NCSA team has harnessed the power of this specialist chip, known as the Emotion Engine, using a version of the Linux operating system that Sony has made available for the machine"

Then I found this link:

Hmm, interesting.