PS2, XBOX, PC stuff for sale

Here is some stuff I'm selling:


Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny for Playstation 2. Excellent condition, no scratches or marks anywhere. This is the U.S. version. Now selling on ebay here

Dark Cloud 2 for Playstation 2. Also in excellent condition. This is the U.S. version. here

Time Crisis 1 for PSone. In excellent condition, I have all the original packaging also. Comes with the official Guncon, I believe it's also compatible with Guncon2 games. $20 + $5 shipping.


Brand new Memorex 4x 700MB CD-RWs, these worked very well on my v1.0 Xbox with a Thompson DVD drive. $1 for one CDRW. $2.50 shipping in the U.S.

Microsoft Sidewinder 10-button gamepad, good condition, doesn't use USB. This one allows you to daisy-link with other Sidewinders of the same model, up to four Sidewinders can be connected. No box. $6 + $4 shipping

TI calculator to USB cable also called TI Connectivity Cable, excellent condition but no original packaging. Comes with TI Connect CD, you can also download it at their website. You should be able to load games and other programs with this, but I never learned how. Here is a quote from their website:

The TI Connectivity Cable USB for Windows®/Mac® and TI Connect software are compatible with the TI-73 Explorer™, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200.

The TI Connectivity Cable USB for Windows®/Mac® and TI Connect software will not work with the TI-82, TI-85, or TI-86. Please use a TI Connectivity Cable Serial (black or gray) and TI-GRAPH LINK software for computer connectivity with the TI-82, TI-85 and TI-86.

$6 + $2.50 shipping in the U.S.

Labtec Cordless keyboard and mouse, good condition. It should work with WIndows XP, I tried it on Windows 2000 without any additional drivers. No batteries included. It doesn't use USB. Here is a link from the store I bought it from here This is $8 + $6 shipping in the U.S. Much cheaper than Justdeals because they charge $13 shipping for one item.

Gigafast 5-port Network Switch, the model name is EZ500-S. This thing is so friggin small that it'll fit in the palm of your hand. It's in good condition with original box intact, used for over a year. It's super-quiet, and each port can automatically change from a regular port to an uplink port, allowing you to connect additional switches with no hassle. Great product, easy to install, but I have no use for it anymore. $14 + $4 shipping.

DI-701 2-port Internet router, works great for a cheap firewall. It is flashed with the latest firmware, check here for more information about it. I had no problems installing it, just plug in and go. Comes with the cable to flash the firmware, and I will burn the router software onto a CDR. $12 + $4 shipping.

cutup USB A-to-A extension cable. The end of the cable where you plug into the PC is less than two inches long, still usable. The other end of the cable where you plug USB devices into it is 6 inches long. You can use this to make XBOX-USB cables. $1 + $2 shipping.


This is a homemade XBOX-to-USB cable, used to connect USB devices to your XBOX. I taped the wires with electric tape, then I used a Lego wheel to protect the area from bending. Some parts are painted black, it rubs off though. I used an earphone case on one end of the cable, it looks alright. This is $4 + $3 shipping in the U.S.

an X-Flash 32mb USB flash drive, it works on the xbox. There is one problem with the USB drive though, there are two partitions on the drive. You can only use the first partition, which is 512kb (30 blocks). This is usually more than enough to transfer one savegame, but this USB drive cannot be used for the 007linux or 007evox trick. I've just retested this, I am only able to transfer savegames from the xbox to the PC via Mega X-Key software, but that is it. Also works on PCs after you format it. $3 + $2.50 shipping in the U.S.

XBOX extension cable, unused. I tried to use this to make XBOX-to-USB cables, but failed (on another cable, not this one). I don't think the wires match the wires in a USB cable. All colors are there except there is no black wire, just a blue one. The wires are also copper, if that matters. If anyone wants to try, you can get some XBOX-USB cables made for a cheap price. Check out the USB extension cable I'm selling as well. $2 + $2.50 shipping. NOTE: If you get a USB cable and a XBOX extension or breakaway cable, you can make two cables. One can connect USB devices to your xbox, and the other can connect your XBOX controller to the PC with drivers.

Some pictures will be posted soon. Just post a request if you want to see a pic. Shipping costs are negotiable if you order more than one item. I have to discuss worldwide shipping, most items will be $2 more than U.S. shipping. I accept paypal, money orders and checks in U.S. currency only, no exceptions.