PSX Mod Protection


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Hey guys, you know how Sony put that damn mod protection on its games? Well, if I burn a game that HAS the mod protection, does it cancel it out? Or will the mod protection still be in place on the burnt games as well? I just got a new Playstation today, and I just bought a new memory card and an external mod that plug in the I/O port, but it doesn't have the Stealth Protection. so, does a burnt game cancel the protection?

Is there a list of protected somewhere?
Burning a game doesn't 'cancel' any mod-detection that is in the game. That is hardcoded into the game. There are patches out for some games that will remove the mod detection, but not all.
Cloud, are you referring to the Gameshark type devices that plug into the I/O port and allow you to do the swap trick? Those should work fine, as long as the game doesn't do a check for a gameshark type device, I think...
Is this topic about the Original PSX system? or the PS2? Best psx sstem for modding was the second generation after the first batch. isnt the scph 9000 line the one that you cannot mod? or are all the systems moddable in some way?
Yes, every system is modificable to load "back ups" but in different ways.

For the classic PSX(scph 1002,3002,5002,5502,7002,9002) exist a variety of mods to load them.

For the PSONE there is no mod, you have to buy a CD (psx xchanger) to make swap method.

If anyone wants I have the hex file to make your own mods.

And It is true, the first PSX was awful to mod (bad quality lens, just broke up early)
There is a mod for the smaller PSOne I believe, mainly because I have one right here. I haven't got a PSOne though.

Why did I buy it? I have no idea.
Yeah, my friend has a PSOne that is modded, and doesn't require the disk swap. If I remember right the boot CD only applied to the first generation of PSOne mod chips.
Yeah, it's a tiny eight legged chip. You can install it various ways.. Something like one leg enables imports, a couple more legs enables backups etc. Only cost me £3.50. Bought it with the intention of getting a PSOne for imports so as not to mess with the PS2, but I'm now debating just shelling out the extra for getting the Messiah chip installed.
You might be right, the diagram from the place I bought it is here, I just remember reading that it was dependant on which legs you chose to attach. Could have been a completely different site since half the time when I'm looking for this stuff it's 4am and my brain isn't functioning correctly.

Edit: OK, I found where I read it: Lik-Sang
I plan on renting a game or two this weekend. I don't have my mod yet, so I can't test if it's mod protected. Is there a site or something that I can check if a game mod protected? I don't know what games I'm renting, I just wanna see what ones are protected.
Alright! Thanks man!

That's it?! Damn... I was expecting more games than that. But, that's good, no need to worry anymore!
Cool, a list of protected games. I just had my PS1 modded last week so I've been meaning to test out the protected games. I just tested:

Breath of Fire 4

Resident Evil Nemesis

Legend of Dragoon

Dino Crisis

Vandal Hearts 2

Wild Arms 2

BoF4 and RE3 both passed and the rest failed (I'm kinda tempted to phone that 1-888 number). So I'm happy I have a second unmodded PSX