Question? A Long Lost SCD Game


I've been trying to find this Sega CD game but I can remember the name of it. All I can remember is that it was RPG more of a point of view RPG (Like Lufa) with animation sences, with a half man & half cybor named Warren. Thats all I can remember about it. Does anyone know what i'm talking about? Thanks :)

Doesn't ring any bells... Try Gamefaqs or Google. Actually, searching for Sega CD game review sites would be really helpful. Helped me figure out the names of a few Saturn games I had been looking for.

Nope Scylla that's not it now i'm mad!!!! :( just kidding :) But I know for a fact that it's not Record of Lodoss War because Record of Lodoss War is a Japanese game. The game i'm looking for is fully in english.