question about Action Replay 4+

I have a hardware question about my action replay 4+.

I have a PAL Saturn and it will boot US and JAP Games with the AR+. But display is reduced to 50 Hz., right.

I am getting my white japanese Saturn soon, how will US and EU Games be displayed using it in the japanese Saturn, 50 or 60 Hz. ???
I know american and japanese Saturn consoles have NTSC 60 Hz. standard.

But the Action Replay reduces us and jap. games to 50 Hz. on a european PAL Saturn.

My question was if it also reduces the image to 50 hz. using it in a japanese saturn.

I dont want to install such a switch, it will look like a piece of shit on my white saturn.
The cartridge has no effect on the video system of your Saturn. All it does is defeat the country lock out.

Playing an NTSC (60Hz) game on a PAL saturn will run at 50Hz no matter what you do unless you fit a 50Hz/60Hz mod. This would involve some soldering, and yes, a switch.

Playing an NTSC game in a Japanese or US Saturn with an Action Replay will run at 60Hz.

Playing most PAL games in a Japanese Saturn with an Action Replay will be OK. They will run at 60Hz. The only problem you will find is if a game is optimized for 625 horizontal lines and 50Hz. These PAL optimized games will run too fast and will over scan on your screen.

Is that clear?
Sure, keep the Euro Saturn if you like, but just be aware that PAL optimized games are in the minority.

Most are just the NTSC version with no changes.
That said, several key games are PAL optimized, such as Sega Rally, Virtua Fighter 2, Duke Nukem 3D etc..

Also, most games using CD-Audio for sound will run out of sync if played in the wrong hertz-rate.

Also, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter is *not* playable in 50hz, and the movies on Grandia screw up.

I'd keep both and get the best of both worlds.