Question about PS2

I hope, cause my only PS1 Mem Card (the same one I've had since Christmas 1997, when I got my PSX) is nothing but Square data (I own eight Square games on PSX: FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, Parasite Eve, Parasite Eve II, Brave Fencer Musashi, Xenogears, and Chrono Cross). I wanna play RE3, Gran Turismo 2, and a couple other games. My other Mem Card is missing. So.... If I get a PS2 tomorrow at my dad's I can then play my PS1 games that I can't save with :)
A PS2 memory card can only be used for PS2 games. You need a PS1 memory card to save a PS1 game.

The PS2 plays PS1 games, that's all that backwards compatible. That doesn't mean all the peripheral hardware is also backwards compatible.
it is backwards compatible in the sense of being able to use all the old hardware and software. you just need the old hardware too.
Huh? You sure about that? I thought that PS2 cards could hold PS1 & PS2 saves, but PS1 cards could only hold PS1 saves. I know the second part of that statment is right but that sort of sucks if you can't save old Playstation games to a new mem card. Oh well, Ill have my PS2 in about two days (Im celebrating Xmas twice, one on normal xmas day and again the day after). How much do PS2 mem cards cost anyways? Im going to need one as soon as I buy FFX, which shouldn't be long sense thats the first game im getting after I get my PS2.
get one of those fancy external hard drive thingys. My friend has one that saves both types, ps1 and ps2. Works really great, just plugs into the usb port. Don't know how much space it has though.........