Question about Saturn Bios.


I have a Sega Saturn from Tectoy and I would like to know if I record a Sega Saturn Japanese bios on it, will it work with the Japanese bios?
I have all the equipment for this, rt809h and adapters and virgin MX.
I already made a region free bios on another Saturn.
As long as the MX you are using correctly line up, it should be fine. The Tectoy Saturns were just imported in, there is no difference in the board other than the region to US and the broadcast signal being changed to PAL-M. The only thing you may want to also do is replace the oscillator, or mod in a switch to allow it to handle both pal and ntsc (PAL-M is weird, it is exactly like an NTSC signal except for the colors, if your mod ends up making your saturn black and white, then you know it is broadcasting NTSC instead of PAL-M).
On the Saturn I already left it in the ntsc system.
I want to change the opening of the Saturn only, because I think the Japanese one is more beautiful.