question regarding a game (silpheed) I downloaded.

I downloaded Silpheed from an FTP that was posted here and I have a question regarding it. The game consisted of files like:



....all the way to silpheed.006

Unfortunately, I dont see what I could do with these files...there isnt an ACE executable or a RAR executable..basically no way to extract these files. I dont remember which FTP had this game in this format...but the FTP owner also had Dungeon Explorer the same way.

Can anyone who downloaded a similar (or possibly the same file from this server if you recognize it) help out?? Did I just downloaded a 100 meg file for nothing?? Cause I'm on dialup and it took forever to get it.

Thanks in advance..
Try opening the files from within WinRAR.

For some reason people like to rename them. ???
Easy way to see if it's a split RAR archive: open up a command prompt and enter "type filename.ext". If it's a RAR file you'll get the string "Rar!". If only the first part returns that string and the other either give you gibberish or nothing at all it's probably a manually split archive. Then enter "copy /b file.000+file.001+file.002 file.rar".
Ah...excellent!! They were indeed .rar files. I was able to burn Silpheed successfully, unfortunately Dungeon Explorer is screwed music in the title screen (I owned this game a few years ago and remember music in the title screen). There is also no music when you leave the town...I know I have all the music too. Maybe it needs a specific cue sheet or something.

Thanks for all your help guys! Its appreciated!