Quick 32x question

it should come with 2 metal brackets... that you stick into the cartridge slot... and a black plastic spacer.. that you need if you use a model 1 or 2.. can't remember which model needed it.. and then there should be a short video cable.. that will run from the back of the genesis to the 32X then hook the 32x upto the TV.. also there is a small adapter piece that may be needed if you have a model 1 genesis.. iit's for the video cable that runs from the genesis to the 32x... the model 1 genesis has a larger video out connecter then the model 2...

so you should have all the pieces when you buy it...
Actually, the CDX was supposed to get a spacer that fit entirely over the cartridge end and supported the 32X while still allowing the CD door to open. Never saw the light of day, tho, with the limited lifetime of the 32X. Damn. Could use it with my CDX.
the pal 32x (dont know about u.s) also came with the updated rf unit (the one sold with the megadrive 2).

otherwise u cant connect it to the tv if u had a megadrive 1