Radiant Silvergun

Man, Im looking at all these Ebay posts, and it totaly boggles the mind! Radiant Silvergun goes for like $255+ or something. I bet all these asianz peps who can probably get the game at their local corner store are having a fun time raping the rest of us.
well there was only a limited run of em done. 10000 or so i believe it was. so unless most of em are sittin in stores still i doubt you're gonna be able to get it from your 'corner store' no matter where you are
Radiant Silvergun was not more or les limited than any other mainstream Saturn release. It is not a rare title by any stretch of the imagination...just a desireable one. I remember Electronic Boutiques over here in the US were importing them during the point when they carried Japanese Saturn titles. From what I have heard from people quite a few were sold at stupidly low prices when EB liquidated their stock.
Rev is absolutly right! Radiant Silvergun was not more or less limited than any other game. However, as to the prices, I guess people will sell at whatever price people will buy at. I guess electronics and games from Asia are like "Crack" for western gamers so dealers know who to hit up for cash.
I guess they also have more money to blow, compared to many other parts of the world
cool avatar cecilia,

but its true collectors of games will pay almost any price for a game they need just over on this side of the world where asian games are rare dealers charge an arm, a leg, and your first born.
There is some truth in that. But with the advent of web shopping this is no longer true. If they want to tack on the price of shipping, that is one thing. But there are a limited number of serious collectors that are even willing to pay the rarified prices some are asking for popular, but hard to find games. I will never pay more for a game then I can get it's console for. It is just a video game after all. Anyone stupid enough to pay those prices has a bad ratio of cash to brains. Now I admit I spend a lot on video gaming, but I always get value for my money. Regular sellers need to realize that the market for high priced games is very limited and just because one idiot wants to pay x ammount for a game does not mean that the rest of the 99.9% of buyers are willing to pay those ammounts. RS is an incredible game, but there is way too much hype attached to it. It IS the best shooter for the saturn and arguably its best game in general. But still not worth over $50. Sorry! (and yes! I did get my copy for under $50!)
I think web shopping is true to some extent. It has made some items easy to get, but I think most were never rare nor that good in the first place. I think its just "New" to most people so places like Lik-Sang can sell old stuff which has been around for a long while. But in general I think hardware always does better than software. I do believe however there are still some hardcore gamers left who would pay an arm and a leg for somethings. I didn't pay too much for it when the Super Famicom was around, but here is my UFO Drive.


I suppose while I didn't find it hard to get, most people (even with the advent of the internet) would pay loads and loads for it. Then again, I could be wrong
But it is nicer than all the cheap stuff internet stores sell.
The EB near my house was selling Radiant Silvergun for $15 at one point, and they also sold PDS for only $20. I always feel like kickin myself whenever I think about that.

Oh and its great to see your back Rev
Hey, Thats pretty neat!

I actualy have SUPER UFO Wireless gamepads for the Saturn I was thinking of selling. Its from the same company which makes the SUPER UFO Copier Drive for the SNES. If anyones intrested I would be happy to sell it to them!
Actually, the UFO stuff is one of the few brands that is still relatively easy to obtain worldwide, since there is a UFO/Blaze/Success online store.