Your opinions on Truxton, Master Of Weapon, Verytex, Whip Rush, Darwin 4081

As some might remember, 4 years ago I started a mission to collect megadrive shooters. I tried them all out on emulators, and then picked the ones I liked the best, and starting looking for them. Luckily I've been able to get most of them dirt cheap at thrift stores or 3 for 10$ sales at game crazies.

If there's one thing I learned, it's that you can't completely judge a game from emulation. Somehow, the gameplay experience is just different than on the real console. Like Hellfire for instance, I wasn't impressed on emulation, but ended up picking it up once anyway when I found it for 1.99, and it turned out to kick arse. But emulation is still good to sort the best from the worst, and to at least tell if a game is of a style you'd like.

So anyway, I was wondering if anyone had opinions on these games:


Master Of Weapon


Whip Rush

Darwin 4081

They have some interesting points from what I'd tried so far, but not sure if they hold up to the rest.

I aleady have the following horizontal shooters:

Air Buster

Battle Mania Daiginjou

Bio Hazard Battle

Eliminate Down

Forgotton Worlds




Lightening Force: Quest For The Darkstar


Steel Empire

ThunderForce III

Trouble Shooter

Wings Of Wor

And the following vertical shooters:

Earth Defense

Grind Stormer


Raiden Trad

Vapor Trail

And the following platform shooters:

Contra: Hard Corps

Gunstar Heroes

Mega Turrican


Vectorman 2

And the following isometric shooters

Desert Strike

Jungle Strike

Urban Strike


Anyone have any personal recommendations for other systems? I already have the Cotton series, and the rest of the Aleste/Powerstrike are on the "eventually find" list, as well as the Parodius series (if I ever get funds to pay for them!), and I have the Layer Sections (those were pretty cheap to find). Just wonder what out there is the must have. Well, I suppose Border Down, Mars Matrix, Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga are always on the top lists, iiif you got the money.

Ahah, and now we see why I posted about region switches for the saturn and dreamcast :) But I also enjoy seeing the starts of series on the SMS or NES. Unfortunately I don't have an MSX or PC-Engine, and that's where most of the good games started out.

Ah well, I just like to dream. I can just waste hours reading gaming reviews about old school shooters and fighters. But my money goes towards useless things like bills, food, roof repairs, blah, blah. But I've discovered that if I wear a pair of shoes until the soles fall off, eventually a maternal relative will buy me new ones. So at least clothing expenses never hold up my gaming dreams.
When I was younger I played Truxton from beginning to end. From what I remember it was a great game and a bit addictive. However I was a teenager at the time so things can seem good when you are young when they aren't. I would say it is a simular game to Raiden.

As for recommendations, I would say my favourate shooting em up game was the original Raiden arcade machine. I have never seen it ported to a console though so you would probably have to use emulation. If you are going to play it then you will definately need an arcade style joystick and buttons. You need your controls to be precise or it will just be too fustrating. A very hard game to play without using continues.
I tried recently games I didn't know and there was 2 shooters in your list :


Whip Rush

Veritex was quite good but a bit difficult. About whip Rush I didn't like it at all because of gameplay I think, the only good thing was the design of the ship, it looks like r-type ship :)