Raine is back !!!


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Raine 0.50.4

* bezel improvements :

- fixed the locale problem (linux only ?), now bezels aren't affected anymore by the locale

- when using yuv overlays and bezels, the bezel size is taken into account when choosing the size of the game screen (the bezel was cut previously).

- Now redraw correctly the bezel on the game window when it needs to be redrawn (previously you needed to return to the raine menu and back to the game to force the bezel to be redrawn).

- Fixed the 24bpp bitmaps (instead of 32) for the bezels, and the 8bpp bitmaps used for some masks (it allows pacman style bezels to work correctly now)

- Fixed the mmx causing problems when trying to load a bezel with an emudx game using alpha blending.

- Fixed horizontal bezels (they never worked, but since I could find only the one for superman which is horizontal, it probably went unnoticed !).

* Prevent a crash when a game loading function aborts (like when trying to load msh).

* Fixed bad loading of warrior blade (this one uses a bezel to fix the extreme aspect ratio of this double screen game).

* The autofire is coming back in an improved form : once you have enabled autofire for an input, the "Autofire controls" will be available in the menu, which allows you to choose a different key for autofire (which can be usefull for games which have a charge mode - I got the idea from the ps2 version of gunbird !).

* Add joysticks'hat support in windows : this should allow the gamepads which didn't work in windows to be recognized now (the hats are what we usually call the cross on a gamepad - it's mapped as a new virtual stick on the joystick now). Notice that it's windows specific, linux already maps the hats to virtual sticks at the driver level, which means that no hat support is required in linux.

* Fix mouse handling in bshark, opwolf, spacegun and syvalion

* Fixed changing mouse buttons assignement in the gui (Inputs), it was cycling and assigning the wrong button...

* Analog controls support : now you can select which device you want to use as an analog device from the gui, in the inputs section, and even calibrate it (usefull for some devices like the pedals of the gran turismo steering wheel !). This device is automaticaly used if configured in chasehq, night striker, continental circus and space gun (no more fake dipswitches for chasehq).

Source : http://www.rainemu.com/