Rampage World Tour question

Is Rampage World Tour for the Saturn supposed to be up to 3 players? I downloaded and burned the iso and played the game using the swap trick, but with three controllers plugged in, the menus still won't allow me to choose 3 players. Anyone know if its a technical problem or if the game just has max 2 players? Thanks.
bah...don't bother with rampage...

Get Three Dirty Dwarves instead, imo that's one #### of a game. Also make sure you get bomberman and deathtank. If you want you can d/l them off my ftp once its back up again.
hallo, cool thanks! i tried to connect but after connecting, it says failed to establish data socket when trying to load the directory. anyway, i'll try again some other time. also, i have decathalete, so i'll work on ripping and uploading it.
Deathtank is a hidden game in Duke Nukem 3d that u can access by having a Quake save game file...as for 3 Dirty Dwarves I seem to have deleted the directory...I own the original so as soon as I find the cd I'll rip it for u.