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I've never complained about having dialup - I'm glad to have any net access. I've only stated that I and lots of others do have it. If I want to d/l something big I will [I don't care how long it takes], but lots of people won't.

there are about 20 ppl here that remember you going on and on about dial-up suckage from about a year or more to again state you don't whine about dial-up?

if someone wants something badly enough, they'll download it, it doesn't matter how big it is.

up until october, i was on dial-up and had downloaded multiple disc games from it...did it suck? yeah, it sucked. did i get the games? yeah, i got the games cuz i wanted them.

Unlike you, I can understand where others are coming from and want people without broadband [esp low-income kids whose parents won't let them tie up the family phoneline 24/7] to be able to get stuff too. Ice had the ISO/MP3 thing going from the very beginning. I had never seen games done like before, and intitially I didn't like it, but he wanted everyone to be able to share in his FTP - not just those with broadband. I came to realize that he was just trying to include everybody, and that this was generally the best way to go.

as stated above, i know where you and others 'are coming from'. i never started a debate over the merits of iso/mp3 or bin, i stated that bin is the "correct" way to go and that if ppl wanted the games, they'd still download them.

I couldn't care less what you think about me or anything else, but your ideas/theories [if put into effect] will hinder lots of people from being able partake in many games. Many many people are very sketchy about d/l-ing something as big as most BIN/CUEs would be - even if RARed w/MMC. If you're so concerned about the "quality", why do you even burn games? Why not only get the real thing?

not once did i express how i felt about you, but your immaturity ran rampant and you did express how you felt about me. you need to step back and read what i was saying. i didn't proprose any "theories" you read way into what i was saying and mixed it up with what others said regarding song quality. people aren't "sketchy" about downloading bins, you're "sketchy" about downloading bins. bins haven't hampered any other transmittal of files.

if you want to know why i support bins, it has to do with laziness. it's much easier to just rip a cd as bin/cue and also to download a cd as bin/cue to burn it.

also, you're presence in the #segaxtreme channel is not felt so you don't understand how many requests are received for this mp3 or that mp3. mp3s get lost - they're not an ideal way to distribute game tracks. notice i said "ideal".

Denying that your post was[are] an attack is plainly a lie. It seems safe assume you're a bitter person, and feel the need to hide in a false sense of being superior, "knowing what's best for the community", and making aggresive statements from the safety of your computer desk. I'd be willing to bet in your day to day life you're a very quiet person who fumes internally when coworkers/friends offend your sensibilities.

i love that you think you're in my head. "Mo Threat could do no wrong. Mo Threat has never read anything incorrectly. Mo Threat knows all". you obviously have no fricking clue what it was i was trying to convey so don't even suggest what i meant by statements.

as for the hiding behind the desk remark, wtf am i hiding from? you're the one tossing out threats left and right. again, something i've said must have set you off because there was truth in what i originally stated. it's funny that you're so pissed off about what it is i'm posting. after re-reading what i wrote, i don't see anything that possibly could have pissed you off other than the fact that some of the words used might not have been familiar to your vocabulary.

not once have i proclaimed what's best for this "community". you have numerous times. good for you.

I don't ever "throw the first punch" in any aspect of my life. I'm a gentle and nice person, but if someone pushes me too much, or pushes someone else who's at all defenseless... I will stand up and fight anyone at anytime.

hahahahahahaha!!! that's the funniest thing you've ever written. good job on that too!

go back and re-read what was written. you weren't pushed once...and again, i hope that nothing you're saying here is indicitave of your real life nature as you're not going to make it very far...perhaps being a poor misfortunate stuck on dial-up is proof of that.

As far the foul langauge goes... you're right, I was over the top. I clearly way way overreacted to your silly elitist rants. No matter how much I dislike someone's attitude, I should check my rage and choose my words more wisely.

elitist rants! hah! another good one! a simple concise statement of "people will download it if they want it badly enough" is elitist!! yay! we're all elitists here i suppose if that's the case.

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