this has nothing to do with the viruses, but myst what does the Gens homepage use active X to do i have all that stuff turned off so just was wondering?
The applet is just the live counter thats running. Shows LIVE hits instead of refreshing. Nothing more =D

Also I started to collect the sorce code lists of the emails I get and will post them soon. I tried emailing the site MANY times with no avail so im assuming the site users and admins or in on this. So anyways if you know how to report a SITE let me know.
Im part of all 3 emus, SX, and eidolons. I do tech support, forums, tips, bugs, and *press* ;) I dont "design" the actual programs. I help relive the stress of tech support, extras and so on. "End user support" I call it ;) I try to help you all make your experiances better =D
I hope this helps people........just sucks when someone tries to send as me....however I do something um extra if I was sending files.......something no one can "clone"
I was reading the Gens page, and I just thought I'd note that Klez is a lot more widespread than just the emulation community.

It's been heavily distributed throughout the Internet via users' e-mail address books and ICQ contact lists. SARC (virus information website from Symantec, the creators of Norton Antivirus) lists Klez as a top virus threat on the Internet right now, and I've received (and blocked, thankfully) the virus several times already.

As for it appearing to come from Gens admins and users, well I don't know about that, but here's more information on the virus:
Well this is WHY I posted how to prevent the worm.

I know my methods work. Anyways yea it origninated for EMU area and infected more people by using the address books. This is WHY I keep a solid list of the emails posted on the GENS page. NOtice they all originate from .nl
Heh how a old post comes back eh? Im not affected, im quite safe but others arent... those who emailed me before have my addy in the books and they become infected, BOOM worm spams me..