read svcd with the saturn vcd card

is it possible to read svcd with the vcd-mpeg card for saturn, if yes is there a special way to burn the svcd files?

I don't think you can run SVCDs with the Saturn's VCD card.

If you are still interested in burning SVCDs try looking here.
SVCDs use MPEG2 compression (same as DVD, but at a lower bitrate) while the Saturn VCD card only provides support for MPEG1.
SVCD is also encoded (standered svcd) at 480x480 ntsc (not sure for pal) and can have a variable bitrate (like dvd) just like dvd, but most standalone dvd players will not read above 3500kbps (on svcd that is) and just like the above post, svcd is mpeg 2

VCD is encoded (again standerd vcd) at 352x240 ntsc at 1150kbps which is what the saturn will read. don't know if you need a special authoring program to burn (don't have the card, so i've never tried cdr to see if it worked) them, but i would imagine that it would work
how decent is the playback though? i know it depends on the vcd quality but say u had a perfect quality mpeg1.

how good does it play back? demo movies are always shit
Though I don't have one to test, I believe the VCD card produces very good results. Full screen, full frame rate. Essentially as good as VCD can be without extras like advanced filtering algorithms (i.e. as good as vanilla Windows Media Player achieves).
the vcd card is excellent i have one

and its got some nice menu system stuff

u can zoom in also and do picture n picture sort of

its an all round card wont ever play svcd

shame really but the quality is still good on vcd

and unfortunately im having to sell mine

cause im totally broke its on ebay but im selling to uk based people only .im not linking to it but its easy to find cause its the only one there.