Rebel Assault SegaCD Vs. PC Vs. 3DO

I've had Rebel Assault for SegaCD for quite some time (the second game I bought for it back in the early 90s). One of my favorite games (I love star wars, and shooters. And FMV + CD audio is a great way to experience star wars. Plus I like the variety of gameplay in the levels, it never gets boring).

Anyway, I remember back in the day when Best Buy used to still have racks of SegaCD and 3DO games. I remember looking at the back of the box for the 3DO version of Rebel Assault, and noticing that one of the screenshots showed a level not present on the SegaCD version. It looked like a level where you control the snowspeeder through some ice caves (I have nothing more than a fuzzy image in my head to recount from).

I was wondering if there really was a level (or levels) in the 3DO version that weren't in the SegaCD version. I was also wondering if these extra levels are in the PC version.


PC version had higher colour and higher framerate, cant speak for the 3DO version never played it.