Recent Sega Cd Games??

I remember reading a while back (maybe a year ago at the most) that a company released a couple Sega Cd games and was working on some new games for the Sega Saturn. Now, I don't know if I'm making this up but can someone help me out here?? Did a company release new sega cd games and plan to do more or where they just planned and still in development or am I making this up? If I didn't what's the companies name and what were the games they made or planned. It wasn't Majesco now was it?
It was Good Deal Games. They released a couple of FMV games for Sega CD. However, they don't appear to be licensed by Sega - their boxes don't carry the standard "Sega CD" logo, but rather a cheesy look-alike that says "For use only with Sega CD systems". Also, their page carries a rather puzzling disclaimer: "Not affiliated with or endorsed by Sega Enterprises Limited or Sony Computer Entertainment". Given that, I doubt that they're likely to be releasing Saturn games anytime soon...
it doesnt look that bad for independent company. i mean i guess you really cant compare them to likes of sega or sony, but they look pretty decent.

Question. if someone does buy either games, would it be frowned upon if someone dumped and uploaded it?
yes that was my next question....have these games been dumped or seen on any FTP's??? I'm interested in seeing how they stack up against the older games. Also, i suspect these games are FMV. How hard are these FMV games to make? Is filming it the most difficult part?
well if it is a point-and-click adventure in the strict sense, yes. the point-and-click adventures are not the most difficult games to make.
From what I understand from talking to Mark at Good Deal is that these are not newly produced games but titles that were previously unreleased for the Sega CD.

I guess they are in the market of releasing games that were previously unreleased or released overseas but not producing games of their own. However that kinda contradicts the two new Colecovision games they're releasing.