Recommended Games

they made that game for the tg? wow, gotta find it. h, also if you get a supercd get Lords /Gate of Thunder, good games, Lords is better than the sega cd version.
no it was a card

legendary axe


silent debuggers

nueopia 1&2

It came on the dessert

Adams Family

Ys book 1 & 2 never got far in 2

jb harold mudre club jap but translates to english
My favorite gasmes for Duo/PC Engine...

not in my fav order....

1. Lords of thunder

2. Gate of Thnder

3. Sapphire

4 Dracula X

5. Forgotten Worlds

6. Wonderboy 3 aka Dynastic Hero (The last game I just released on SuperCD)

7 R-Type Complete CD

8. ALL Ys Games 1,2, 3, and 4.

9. Download 2

10. BOTH Macross games

11. Neo Nectaris/Millitary Madness

12. ALL Arcade Card games....

13. Dungeon Explorer II Super CD ( I released allready)

14. Beyond Shadowgate...(Im releaseing soon) ;)

15....I can go on and on all day Duo Rocks!!! Nuff Said!!

Oh I guess the wonderboy 3 was released of both cd and card (must just have better soundtrack ) also I think dungeon explorer !! was also released on card

wonder boy 3 (drangons curse) I think
No, Dungeon Explorer 1 is on HuCard part 2 is on Super CD ONLY. :) Not to be a bother, just letting ya know... :p
omg, how can u forget JJ and Jeff.


The original bonk, Keith courage,bloody wolf,legendary axe, super star soldier/ blazing lasers, dungeon explorer
Dragon's Curse was the same as Wonder Boy 3 for the Sega master System. Dynastic Hero was the same as the Genesis Wonder Boy in Monster World so their different games.
I don't know about you guys but Exile was good 4 me....

Gates Of Thunder and the bomberman games

oh and Battle Royal

Double Dungeon's <==== I hate this game.....
Silent Debuggers was a good game as well, had a really neat look to it, and pretty good graphics, being a turbo grafx game.
Tales of the Monster Path, Son Son 2, Gunhed, Super Star Soldier, R-Type, Space Harrier, Shinobi, Street Fighter II CE, Salamander...

I love the PC Engine