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A good question:

How many Saturn games were released with the red X18 designation? Plus, how can one get a hold of some?

A final questioon: What's better to do? MOD ones Saturn or pick up a Pro Action Replay? Both?

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just using the cart is not going to allow you to play backups you either need a mod or have to do the swap trick

**edit or did you mean just for playing imports?***


There aren't many red-label games...I know of one called Gal Jan which is a mahjong game. Mind you, red-label means full nudity but you're not gonna get anything remotely p0rn0graphic (just in case that's what you're expecting).

How can you get hold of 'em?

Well, there's eBay...


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There were very few x18 games...I think one of them is the Yayuken special (full frontal nudity). I played it once...not a very fun game and the girls are the type that you'd give 5 dolla for a holla... jk...not that bad only a few are cute and not worth it when you can just go rent a porno flick or something...

3d0 had better girlie games in my opinion...

You need a mod chip to play "back ups". Use action replay 4M plus for the memory card, cheats, and 1, 4 meg cart to play those games that need it.

I don't have the 4M + but I have the action replay + and the sega 4 meg ram cart...

I hope that helps...