Shenmue 2's US release was canceled and dumped for XBOX as all you loyal SEGA fans know, but good news for those of you not wanting to buy an XBOX for that game(Panzer Dragoon 4 is enough reason to). and local EB stores will be stocking the UK version of Shenmue 2 which is NTSC and Pal compatable with a special boot disc, here is the link to preorder.

i never expected this to happen, but i just dont know if i would like shenmue, i must rent shenmue 1 and decide quickly!
I had pre-ordered the U.S. version ($39.99) from EB before it was cancelled. Shipping was $4.99, so the total came to roughly $45.

After the U.S. version was cancelled, a friend of mine referred me to pre-order the PAL verion at GamePlay, and so I did. It cost me about $50 after shipping. No biggie; only $5 more (due to international shipping) than the U.S. version had it not been cancelled.

Now EB is having pre-orders of the PAL version w/ converter for $59.99, so after shipping it would be about $65. For those of you who are smart, have decent burners or know friends who do, and know about the free boot discs out there, there shouldn't be a need to order this game with a "converter". Taking the cost of the "converter" out, the total should be about $55 after shipping.
0.0 Wow, thats expensive for a Dreamcast game these days! But from the demand, a couple years from now it will probly end up in the same catagory as Radiant Silvergun and Panzer Dragoon Saga are for the Saturn, expensive as ####.
I just checked EB's website tonight and they've removed the Shenmue II page. Doing a keyword search won't bring anything up either. One of my friends just preordered it today and they said it's now listed as shipping on Dec. 24th, although they aren't even sure if it's going to come out at all.
If they really wanted it, they should've pre-ordered it last month from some U.K. online store like I did to avoid the Christmas shopping traffic.