Remember me?

What's going on guys?
I'm glad to see that SegaXtreme is even stronger than it was when I last was active...

Sorry I disappeared... I wonder if any of you remember me at all... I had an ftp up that Akira helped me out with. Ummm... so I'm sorry I just disappeared, but I know there were other ftp's to make up for my absence.

I would love to be back sharing stuff... need money!!!

Ummm... let me know how you guys are... haven't talked to anyone in forever! ???

See ya's on the board!
Maybe for bandwidth or hardware. I don't think he's actually asking for money though.

nope... not asking for money...

I was just saying... my ftp filled up my hard-drive within weeks, and I was about to get a new one, when I had a bit of a nervous breakdown...

So I wasn't really thinking much about ftp's for the last 6 months... I was busy with therapy and the like... HAHA

I'm not sure if it's because I'm crazy


Or just too damned cool for the world...

Hehe... just kidding.

I WILL HAVE A 100 GB HD before AUGUST!!!!!
Nutty, Area 51, Rata, were the one of the first bigger ftps here. Nutty USED to be the first DC host as well, was 40k speeds and MORE per user. So yea hes a sx vet here. =)