remember this Ninja game? - fast left side-scroller

I've tried to find the name of this game for months, . . maybe a year now. My brother and I loved this game long ago, lets see if you remember:

The game is a fast action side-scroller. Instead of the normal "mario" side scroller that moves right, this side-scroller moves left.

The first board starts the Ninja in a forest with tall trees. You run very very fast left . . (and I THINK a girl is following you, or you have to rescue her) and some of the trees you can climb and find a secret.

I can't remember much, but I remember the "Chinese star" being used as a weapon.

PLEASE! PLEASE! can anyone help?!
slacker52 said:
me thinks "Legend of Kage"

:D :D :medieval: :aacool:

AWESOME!!! you thinks right!!!!

*dances around the room*

I have waited for half a year for this! and I seen it just 1 hour after you posted it, but I forgot my password here, and the damn board wouldn't send me a 'validation email."

Finally I get to express my gratitude!!! Thanks soooooo much!!