Removing sticker adhesive

I recently purchased some old SNES cartridges that were previously owned by a video rental store. The cartridges have rental stickers on them, and I was wondering if there were any effective methods of removing them. The stickers are on the cartridges' sticker label, as well as on the back. They can be peeled off fairly easily, but a lot of sticker residue is left behind.

If anyone knows of any methods to remove the stickers cleanly, please share!
Stickers are one of my pet hates. The worst are the ones on the European Saturn boxes where if you peel them the cover starts to come away from the box
100% alcohol works,as does nail polish remover.

well it did on mine,but i guess it all depends on the type of glue used i suppose.
I've had success with WD40. With a bit of rubbing I've even managed to remove void stickers with it. I've been meaning to try out Goo Gone but I haven't seen it anywhere up here in Canada.
Eucalyptus oil works really well, but I don't know how common it is outside of Australia.

It's good for clearing the sinuses too.

The worst are the ones on the European Saturn boxes where if you peel them the cover starts to come away from the box

I just leave them where they are. It's not worth the hassle.
Yes, Goo Gone works wonders. Gets the labels off the DVD cases that AOL sends me too. However, if your games are like some of the rental games I bought there's probably stickers on the actual game label itself. If you try to get residue off that it will probably take the game label right off too if you're not careful.
A cheapy handly alternative is WD-40. Squirt some ont he sticky site and squirt some ona towel. Spend about 4 mins rubbing. I've taken off some MIGHTY tough stuff using it.
you guys feel that goo gone is safe? ive always used isopropyl becasue it evaporates fast with out leaving an anoying residue - even though it does not always do a good job

i havent looked at the ingredience of goo gone so i dont know but im leary of using chemicals on things that contain electronics
As long as you don't spill it all over the insides of the cart you should be perfectly fine. Just do it in a ventilated area as the fumes are pretty strong.
I just pick at the stickers with my fingernail. Dumping stuff all over the front of the cart will more than likely ruin the sticker you DON'T want taken off.