Repair a MegaCD model 1 jammed tray ?


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Hello everyone.

Well, I have the opportunity to get a Sega Mega CD model 1 (The front loading one) really cheap.

The only problem is that the CD tray is jammed.

I'm awaiting further information on the exact state of the drive (If it opens or not, if it gets stuck or anything.)

I'm posting here to ask if a CD tray is repairable or if it's impossible. (I'm pretty decent with a soldering iron, so, even difficult repairs can be done, as long as I can find the parts needed.)

The unit in itself does power on. The only problem is the tray.

Any help and recommendation appreciated.

I'll post further info on the state of the tray when the seller contacts me.


EDIT: The seller tells me the tray is stuck and won't open at all.


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You'll need to dismantle the unit to take a look inside to see what's jamming the draw mechanism.


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Well, I'll buy it then.

It's REALLY cheap, so I don't lose anything if it can't be repaired.

I read that there was often a plastic piece that moved and blocked the tray on model 1 units.

That seems to be the most common cause of malfunction (Aside from the fuses. But that one is powering up, so it's not the fuse.)

Even if this is a motor problem, I should be able to find a replacement part somewhere...


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Okay everyone, a little update on My Sega CD

It's working !

I just opened it today and totally disassembled it. I replaced the fuse with a wire and the unit was able to power up (Fuse had broke during transport.)

The unit made weird noises when moved so, I checked were it was coming from. It came from the Genesis->Sega CD bridge where some kind of weird metal had broke and was flying all around the place.

I glued all that back together and put it back in place.

For the jammed tray, it was actually a little piece of plastic from the laser assembly that plugged into the tray mechanism that had broke. I glued it back, reassembled everything and powered the machine up.

I pushed Reset and... *hallelujah* it opened.

I tested it with an audio CD: it reads it perfectly.

I'm now burning Sonic CD to test the machine properly as I haven't got any official game right now (Didn't want to buy when I didn't even knew if the thing worked or not.)

So, if it can help anyone: if your tray is jammed, unscrew the CD player from the case (It has 4 screws.)

You can then disassemble it without any problem, starting from the bottom. Unscrew e and disengage the laser assembly from the tray.

Check every little bit of plastic and you should see the problem.


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You really wanna install a real fuse. Without one there'll be a danger of electrocution or fire.


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Kuta said:
You really wanna install a real fuse. Without one there'll be a danger of electrocution or fire.
Yeah my old sega cd model 2 has wire wrapped around the fuse bridging it. I no longer use the unit as I use a cdx instead but yeah it seems like a lot of people use the bridge wire fuse fix thingy.

I also blew out one of my genesis' by plugging the wrong power unit into the sega cd and since the fuse was replaced with wire I am down one genesis. They are a dime a dozen though so no big loss.