Ripping a video from a GD-ROM

This is the closest forum I could find where I can ask this, and not get banned. I'm basically trying to get a video file off of a GD-ROM. I've got a BBA, and (I think) all the necessary tools. I'm running into all sorts of problems though.

It seems that the best thing you can do is download "tracks" with BBRIP, or you can download to an image using DREAMRIP. I've got issues with both of these. I posted this on an almost dead Sega site (not sure why I didn't post here first) so will repost here.


-dc-load-ip: works fine.

-bbrip v1.0/v1.1: connects fine, lists tracks, can't download. I get a couple of different error codes. I've tried going direct dc->pc (cross cable) and through a router (straight cable, of course). I also have no list of what the error codes mean.

-dreamrip: dc-tool is a pre-compiled version. The dreamrip.bat file uses the dctool -t option to set the IP of the target BBA. The author of dreamrip goes off on some tangent, talking about using a binary editor to change the IP address in the dc-tool binary. This seems very strange to me, since the program uses the switch. Anyways, using dreamrip I cannot connect.... I guess this is why I'm supposed to change the IP in the binary?

-dctool source (linux): The author referse to sh-elf, and BFDLIB, BFDINCLUDE, etc. I have no clue what these are, and am certain they're not on my system. It will not compile, presumably b/c I don't have these libs. I did a search, but came up empty handed.

-dctool (precompiled on linux): This seems to be my best bet. I've got it to connect, and it will get data if I use the command:

dctool-ip-linux -t -d booty.bin -s 100000000

It demands that I use a size, which I assume it uses to know when to start/stop recieving data. If I put in something around 50 megs, it will download these into a bin file. If I try 500 megs, and there's not 500 megs worth of data on the GD-ROM, it will just hang. There are two problems with this solution. 1: I don't know the size of the GD-ROM. 2: I don't know how to extract the data from the bin image. I tried a few progs like MagicISO, but they don't work.

Questions: mainly what the problems are with my PC setup. Why BBRip doesn't work, and why dc-tool on Linux won't compile.

Of course, any other pointers are more than appreciated.

Since I'm really only wanting one video file (or I guess all video files would work) I'd love a way to get a file list from the GD-ROM, but I don't believe they work that way. :(
I don't know how cdtool works; but if it starts the extraction from the very start of "data" track, set the download to 984 MB if the game has no cd audio.

If you can specify sectors to extract, extract sectors 45000-549150 MODE 1/2048 (if the game has no cd audio).

If the game has cd audio, the process is a bit more tricky.

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