Rock 'n Roll Racing Music

Hi there

I recorded all the music from the Genesis game

"Rock 'n Roll Racing"

There are 6 Songs and all the names of the songs are listed inside the game manual. I could identify 4 of 6 Songnames. Could somebody help to identify the other missing 2?

I uploaded ALL 6 MP3´s to my webspace.

You can go there download them and help me.

The server is real fast so it will be a quick download.

Here´s the adress:
Okay thanx.

Then I rename them.

If IceMan2K want to have the tracks for his Genesis Music Archive, they are for him :)

I hope these recordings are okay.

It was the first time I created a game soundtrack
Yes the SNES version is great. Also much more known than the Mega Drive version. It was hard to get the Mega Drive version on eBay.

The SPC700 SNES music is much better than from Megadrive. I only played Rock ´n Roll racing on ZSNES emulator yet.

>GameFaqs says that there are only 5 (lyric-less)

>songs. This implies that one of them was not taken

>from real music from real bands.

Then this must be Track 02 - Highway Star.

In the Rock N Roll Racing manual are following copyrights to that song:

Highway Star

Written by Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord, Paice.

Copyright by Mauve Music Inc.

I´ll search Kazaa for a MP3 named "Highway Star" maybe I´ll find something that sounds like the game song.

I found "highway star" at kazaa.

It´s a song from "Deep Purple"

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