After spending about 20 minutes going to various sites and voting as extorted to do so by this Rom Nation site, I finally download 2 roms and both were bogus. One was a bad demo with load buzzing noise and the other was an empty file.

I know I voted correctly and did everthing they said to do. So now I am wondering: Is this site real or just another bad psuedo porn promotion site? Has anyone reliably retrieved information from here on a regular basis? Are you spending 10 minutes per download voting to get each rom?
I have downloaded two roms on that site witout problems and those works fine. I didb'teven vote for the site. The simpliest way was to click on the link, put the number, then open from it current location ( something like that) and finally download the file.

PS : I voted once, I don't want that site die.
Gosh you people are really desperate for roms if you go through all that. There are other much easier places to get these things from. And I should know

/me looks at his complete (including baddump and overdump) Good rom sets...all 65GB of them
I am only looking for like 4 roms. I downloaded a common file, and it worked fine. The rare ones seems corrupt!

Gameboy, do you have pokemon (not 2 but 1), Super Donkey 99, or Super Bubble Bobble? Those 3 are listed everywhere but never seem to have a working rom. I am starting to think they are listed just for show...
I found a working Super Donkey 99 (you're not missing much). The Super Bubble Bobble I found was corrupted though. If anyone manages to find SBB send me an e-mail. Better yet, I'd like to own the real :):cough:: even if it's a bootleg) cartridge.