ROMs for Christmas!


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That's right children, even though you've all been very naughty this year, dear old Santa is forgetful in his old age and has brought you some ROMs anyway. Let's see what's under the tree...

Let's go back to Japan in 1984 and get out our Othello Multivisions, because we have Challenge Derby [16k] for the OMV. I guess it's about horse-racing, gambling and other wholesome childhood activities. But wait! For the same low, low price of nothing you can get the exact same game only bigger: Challenge Derby [40k] for the OMV. Can you spot the differences? Both versions are actually 16KB underneath, but the rainbow title screen suggests there may be other changes too.

That should last us four years or so until 1988 when we can get hold of Miracle Warriors - Seal of The Dark Lord [Proto] for the Master System. If thou be strong and noble, a mighty quest awaits thee! If thou be not, well, it awaits thee anyway. As usual, if you can find what's different between this and the final release, we'd be happy to hear about it.

Next we have Double Hawk [Proto] for the Master System. Shoot bad guys to rid the world of 1990 of war! That makes sense. Where does Santa get all these prototype from? I guess the developers all have open fireplaces.

1990 also brought us Aerial Assault (US) for the Master System. It's just like the European version but with more spangled stars, balder eagles and pluribuser unums.

Now let's get out our Game Gears because we have four new games. First comes Galaga 2 fot the Game Gear from 1992. Known as Galaga '91 in Japan, they changed the name for this European release to avoid people wondering how they missed the intervening 89 sequels.

Then we have Astérix and the Secret Mission for the Game Gear, which is pretty much the same as the Master System version but shrunken down to fit the Game Gear screen.

If you like football, you'll probably like Striker for the Game Gear (1995). If you don't, then you probably won't. It is pretty arcadey and the only option is the huge list of countries' teams. North Korea vs. Iran? No problem.

Finally, from 1996 we have Baku Baku (US) for the Game Gear. A fun little puzzle game with weird pre-rendered 3D animals popping out of the screen.

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