Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden

yet another great SNK game everyone fucking ignored!! I LOVE IT!! Man if only you and I were helping to make SNK games, we could design them so much better....shit! We need to work for a VG company....awesome job you did again dude! You really spent some time on this one!
Man, Art of Fighting was the best. Everyone just hated it because it wasn't Street Fighter. People saw 2D guys fighting and automatically assume it's like SF and shit. Art of Fighting was more like a 2D Virtua Fighter. When you approach it with that attitude it's SO much easier to understand how th egame works.

I keep on hoping one day they'll make a 4th game but god knows they never will, they lost way too much money on the third and nobody played it. The saddest part was, I think AOF3 really had the best graphics of pretty much every NeoGeo game up to Rage of the Dragons. The characters were big, very detailed, and colorful. The only two things I would have changed about the game would be making Yuri a playable hidden char and having the chars show damage again like they did in 1 and 2.

A game company would seriously rock. I've always wanted to work on games in some form but my talents are just in writing and concept -- not art or programming (hence why I'm in the newspaper biz). I've been seriously considering trying to get together a dev team in another 3 years though. I'm planning to go teach English in Taiwan or the PRC from 2004-2006 so it would be when I get back.

Today's games just lack the ingenuity and flavor of the older titles.
I totally agree with you on this one, AOF3 was awesome, I especially liked the animation they put into it. I had a ton of special stuff (posters/pins/buttons etc...) sent from SNK about the animation in AOF3 and thier biggest shooter ever Pulstar! Somehow I believe someone stole all of my SNK magazines and stuff as I cant fucking find any of my old Neo Geo things I had before. I had an entire briefcase full of every Neo-Geo AD and stuff I could rip outta my magazines. But there all gone now.
I dont even let people in my home anymore because I trust nobody anymore, everyone nowadays seems to be fucking thieves or something, they cant keep thier hands in thier pockets. Oh well....
man the music is really good for this piece, what band sings this song? and I got 1 favor to ask of you, would you please make a high quality video like this for another game say like...ninja masters. with dark music like from the resident evil soundtrack (the movie not the game). then letterbox it (if thats possible with TMPGEnc without squishing the picture) and up the resolution to like 720x480 (MPEG2 standard) and the best sound possible for the music. Let it be a huge download Im totally up for it. Once I had the Blue Marys Blues entire music video to fit on 1 cd using a full 700 megs.
The quality was like watching the real thing.
Unfortunately I lost the cd I made after I sold my ATi card for video capture.
Still gotta say love what you did here as well. You must like the Neo-Geo as much as me.
well allmost as much as me.
I can't make MPEG-2 stuff man. It's something with my PC. Any time I try to watch MPEG-2 it dies.

Besides, resizing it up like that would be pretty bad since the game's real res is only 320x220. You'd get some intensely bad pizellization going on and everything would be blurry.

I don't know about the resident evil soundtrack, I never cared for that game much, but I would try to find some kind of dark metal piece to use. I had actually been thinking about doing something like this for Ninja Masters since it's my next favorite Neo fighter (Double Dragon and Kabuki Klash after that). I just need to practice up first since it's been a while since I played it and I forgot a lot of the cool combos.

BTW, for all my video samples, what I did was used NMAMEX II. It had a feature that let you save gameplay to AVI format. It's FAR better quality than capturing it into the PC because when you capture, you're getting it from a composite line which loses a lot of the pixel quality. The only problem is it will set the framerate for the movie to 60fps every time. This is never right, it's actually more like 45fps. Once you adjust that it looks great.

I'll try to do another video some time though it may be a little while. Ireally like doign them, it's a lot of fun and I always learn new stuff about the software.

Oh yeah, the song used for BGM was Eternidad by Sôber (from their 2002 album, Paradysso). Since AOF3 is set in Mexico I though using a spanish band (though they're from Spain, not Latin America) would be the best choice. I hunted through about 100 MP3s off kazaa before i found a song I really liked. It was either this or a few songs by Mago de Oz.
Oh wow, I forgot how hard it is to do some of the moves in Ninja masters. I'm having a nightmare trying to do the finishers again. Been a long time sinc ei played this one :-/
hehe cool, thanks for all of your cool work on these movies, I like to watch them alot, plus I uploaded it to a few people and they liked it also.
I am going to put it on my web page soon.
Good luck with Ninja Masters, If you want a few good MP3s from Res Evil (not the game, the movie) then I can help ya out, I bought the cd.
I just really appreciate the fact anyone actually cares about stuff like this. It's so nice to hear a "cool" or a "thank you" after you spend a bunch of time working on something.

I'll probably not get to Ninja Masters this week as I'm really backed up in homework for my senior level classes (Law of the Press, CAR< blech...) so it might be next week or the week after depending on how things go. It will be done though because I'd really like to doit
Hey, is there any way you can send me either of my videos again? Jumpstation.org was deleted by the host (despite having a 1 year contract with them.......) and I lost the files when I formatted.
I have both of them backed up onto cdrs
I enjoy watching them alot. How would you like me to send them to you? I can put them on my webpage and you can download them if you wish or something?
I got the one for AOF2. I need the one for 3.

Whatever is most convenient for you. I don't know what kind of space limit you have on your website.
Yea I love your videos DBOY!

The link appears down though and I didn't save it you think you could put it back up? I love this game!
Originally posted by DBOY@Mar 4, 2003 @ 06:53 AM

Downloaded it. Thank you so much! I'm so glad someone still had this file.

FAKK, I hate ot ask this again but I got FUCKED by Detroit Edison a few months ago and my HD blew out in a bigass surge. You or anyone else still have either video laying wround? :(
Dang, I was gonna ask if you had AOF3 video for me to re download. lol I dunno where the cdr is that had it yet I have the AOF2 video still. :p dang it all!