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Considering the article was dated as being from March, it seems to make (have made) for a pretty poor April Fools joke.
From John Hokanson Jr.'s Saturn FAQ (Bible :p)


1.7 Will Sega's next console, the Dreamcast, work with Saturn



No. Given the historical failures and financial resources needed to

make backwards compatibility a reality, it may not be a prudent

business decision anyways. For the sake of argument, it might only be

a good thing for retailers who want to sell their Saturn backstock.

The Saturn never had as deep of a market penetration as the PSX to

warrant backwards compatibility (ala the PSX2).

Some rumors have been circulating about a peripheral known as

"Satcast" which would allow Saturn games to play on the Dreamcast.

The "Satcast" and everything surrounding it was an "April Fools"

joke spread primarily by "Gamer's Republic", in which they themselves

later admitted it to be a hoax. Sega officially has no such product.

For more information on this issue, see section 14.4.

I knew about this.. but I didn't realize the date of that "new"...