Saturn Action Replay 4M plus Problem

I bought the Saturn Action Replay 4M plus from

The problem I'm getting is that whenever I try to play one of the sega saturn games which needs the 4MB RAM cart.

I load the Saturn up with the Saturn Action Replay 4M plus cart in, and load up a game which need the 4MB RAM cart, it loads but it just gives me a error message in JAP telling something about the 4MB RAM cart.

I tried Final Fight Revenge and Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Streetfighter and they both come up with the same message.

I tried other games, which need 1MB RAM cart like King of Fighters 96, 97 and Metal Slug, and they work fine.

Has anyone in here had this kind of problem with their Saturn Action Replay 4M plus cart?
its defect, i had the same porblem with mine, but its a good thin i didnt get it from liksang. now i avoid the import meg carts, and im gonna just get a reg 4 meg cart, then burn my jap games too american region.
dam, u sure its a defect?

anyway, klakalou do u know any place which sells 4MB RAM Carts that ship to the UK ??
nope, i had bought mine from a retail store, and im pretty sure its defective. that was actually my second one, my first cart died, quite strange.
Before you throw the cart away, try fully inserting it in the cart slot and then pulling it back out just a little so that it's not quite all the way in.

This seems to work with some cart problems where proper contact is not being made.
mal, tried that but still get the same.

oh well, looks like its a defect.

Anyone know where I can buy the official Sega Saturn 4MB RAM Cart?
yeah, tried looking, but i thought it would be best off asking on a SEGA message board like this one, which would point me in the right direction.