Saturn burning help

I have been having a lot of problems trying to get my legal backups to work with my Saturn. I have a 21 pin version with an installed modchip and I have checked many times that my soldering job was done correctly. I have used both CDRWIN and Alcohol 120% to make images to burn to name brand discs(TDK). The image will load fine in my Saturn but it will usually freeze when the SEGA logo appears. I always can hear the laser trying to load the disc and it will make the same sound all the time. Then after about a minute it will go to the menu screen. I have tried the games Galatic Attack and Virtual On. Galatic Attack will freeze at the SEGA screen and Virtual On will usually freeze after you choose your character. I tried many times burning images and not one has been successful. I have also searched the forums more than a few times. I hope that someone can enlighten me so I can fix this.
I reinserted it a few times making sure that everything was all the way in. I cleaned the ends with rubbing alcohol. Just so you know it will play regular games. I just have trouble with the games that I made backups up. I read that if I can play regular games then the modchip should be installed correctly...I thought maybe I was burning incorrectly. Also I have tried connecting both the 0014 and 0019, they both give the same result. I made sure during the installation that I grounded myself as well. hmm, maybe I fried the thing. I know I connected it to the 5v spot so it can't be that either. I resoldered it again today thinking that maybe I did something wrong, but I still get the same result.
humm, when you boot up those original games, does the saturn still tries to read the protection? if it does... the modboard isn't doing anything... if those noises from the lens moving are not perfomed then the modboard is working correctly.
It does seem as though it still is looking for the copy protection. It still goes to the outer ring. I will have to mail it back...Thanks for the help Barracuda. I guess that would be correct since I have changed the 0014 and 0019 and it had no effect at all on my Saturn. I was told that if it is not supported it would fail to boot but nothing changed when I soldered either the 0019 or the 0014. Well, thanks again.

...I still wonder why it would boot my copy of Virtual On, but then it would usually freeze right after the character select screen. It would load fine but I just couldn't play it, it would just stop.
ah.. you could boot a copy??

That crash in virtual on can be caused by a bad burn...

If you were able to boot a copy at least once, it changes the things a bit...

Most of modboard probs are bad contacts, either on the flat cables or with the mainboard, try turning on the console and holding the mod with your hands like forcing it or something just to see if it is a contact prob...

Ah, and another thing, look at that metal pins on the side of the modboard, and check if none of them is touching the metallic case of the saturn, and not touching each other.
If it runs ONLY 1 backup then it is probably your MODboard. Why don't you try to use another one?

Or the A-B method?

My MODboard died recently with no apparent causes and I'm still looking for a replacement.
I did notice that sometimes it would have a problem booting up. For example, the loading animation did not appear, and if I moved it to the side a little it would boot up. Now, I believe it is in since the animation always appears. Before I did have to open it to slide it back in again, I would think that it is in now. I will try holding it and see what happens. I haven't tried the A-B method but I will try that as well. It's wierd though, I copied Virtual On a few times and it crashes in the same spot. This disc is in pretty good condition and my original runs without any problems at all. I'll try tinkering with it again. Thanks
I tried the A-B method and that resulted in me not being able to boot anything. I switched it back again and tried to hold it while loading, but the same result. I also burned some more copies, some from US and imports. I changed the region on the import iso before I burned it also. I have not been able to boot any of them except my copy of Virtual ON which doesn't really work anyways. As you suggested Barracuda, my Saturn still looks for the copy protection. I really can't explain why only Virtual On works(partly). I did buy this chip recently so I will be able to return it. I feel for you Burning Angel...I hope you can find a new one as well.
That's really odd..

Are you connecting the modboard to the 14th pin of that IC?

A+B method is electrically equal to that.

Something isn't right with your setup..

A+B method HAS to work.

And don't mess with that 0014, 0019 leave it on 0014 setting.
hmmm, I'm really started to think that it is the chip. I tried soldering A-B again and it will not try to load a cd at all, it just goes to the menu screen. I've soldered it so many times that I would have at least by now seen one game work. BTW, I finally tried the swap method and the games do work so it has to be the mod. Oh well, at least I can return it and get a chip that works.