Why does my Saturn Freeze?

I have a model 1 NTSC SS that slowly stopped reading discs. I've used the Pseudo Saturn Kai Lite without any issues over the last couple of years. Then it started giving some issues when trying to boot games on burned discs and then actual SS games (see the first attached picture for error message). I assumed it was the laser, so I removed the AR cartridge and just placed a SS game in, and the results varied. Sometimes it would play and other times it wouldn't.

Fast forward a few months and I had some time to check the specs on the laser voltage readings. I have 2.55 on idle, and 3.33 when it spins (which should be legit), but now something even stranger is happening. When I try to load a disc, the Saturn will just freeze. I have to power off and then power on again in order to do anything. Oh and when using the AR cart, it now shows something even weirder when it tries to boot up. Video and audio work perfect, SS menus work perfect, and even the Pseudo Saturn Kai Lite functions properly when there is no disc being read. I attached a few pictures and a video to try and help explain it better. Is it something simple like just replacing the laser or is it some other hardware related fault? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Hello Bro , same problem fmw freeze , tell me I found a solution? FMV loops and the sound repeats for 1-2 sec .

same model and motherboard only gray and Japanese .