Saturn Collection Pics!

Here's mine.

There have been a few addendums to the collection since I have posted those pics. Namely Groove On Fight, Super Tempo and Hideo Nomo World Series Baseball (hey, I got it for free ;)).

Anyone wanna post their collection pics as well?

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Very nice! What kind of monitor is that? Commodore?

I have my DC hooked up to a Commodore 1702 monitor... #### those things have great picture quality!
Yep, that's a Commodore 1084 (just plain mono) monitor. I have the saturn hooked up with the 21pin scart lead, and the MD/MCD/32x via plain old A/V, although the monitor can also do S-Video. And yes, they do have a good picture, don't they? :).
Argh, I'm jealous! ;)

The 1702 can do S-Video as well, but has the chroma/luma split into two input jacks. I don't have RGB capability either.