Saturn Development system


I just bought a Sophia Saturn Development system (new in box, YIKES heh) anywho, i need to hook it up to my computer and need programs to interface with it, can anyone help me out here?


Well, I paid $300 for it because the person had no idea what it was...


Well, it's a nice box, but it will be somewhat of a pain to get it running since I never knew anyone using it for dev purposes... you got a SCSI card interface as well and the cables? if that's so and you have a old PC to run most of this stuff in, you can provably use some of the software found in antime's site... There are still some programs lacking (and most of those available are for the more recent releases of debug units, that are modified Saturns), but some manuals are there so maybe you can figure it out. It would be nice to have a machine with an actually working interrupt function.

Assembler's site about this device shows that it also might lack the sound box, but don't know up to what point that is a problem. I belive most documentation I have read is not for this especific device.