saturn emulator for dc

on the dc emulation forums a few months back a man that worked for sega said sega had a working saturn emulator that would play all saturn games i think the guys name was john bird anyone have his email maybe he has a copy of this emulator
As far as I can tell, John Byrd really does exist, and really was a (the?) senior manager at Developer Technical Support for Dreamcast, and worked at 3DO before that. He (or a remarkable facsimile; the route looked pretty convincing to me) was posting on the Hitmen dcdev mailing list attempting to get a discussion going about a way for Sega to at least semi-officially sanction hobbyist development, and I think I saw another post apparently by him on the NetBSD-Dreamcast mailing list. Unfortunately there's probably not much he can do about Sega-related stuff now; Sega let him go in March, probably as part of their move away from being a hardware manufacturer.
Also, if by "dc emulation forums" you mean the ones at, I have my doubts that an (ex-)employee of Dreamcast DTS would bother with that particular site, and there's probably no shortage of losers who would be willing to impersonate one to get a rise out of people...
so there are no working Saturn Emulators that can run games like Die Hard, Nights, etc.? I'm asking cuz i never had a chance to get the saturn and don't know where to buy except for the net, which i don't like doing. :)

whoops...just realized you were talking about DC saturn emulators...but are there no working saturn emulators right now?

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there are two or three emulators for pc. to play anything at full speed, you'll need a 2+ GHz cpu. and no, P4 doesn't qualify as that :p
Hey, whats your problem with P4's? I happen to preffer them over athlon anyday. Granted they are slower, but athlons are more unstable from my experience, and I take compatability over speed any day. But back on to the subject of saturn emulation though. Back when Saturn Cast was looking (or sounding) like a reasonably good reason to be a saturn fan, I e-mailed the author of the project to get some questions and answers from him. Just for the heck of it, here is what it said:

Q1. What inspired you to create the Saturncast. I belive a lot of people would be interested why you decided to make an emulator for the Sega Saturn on the DC.

A1. I love Sega Saturn, it had its share of good titles, but I am now so used to Dreamcast, and I wanted to play Saturn games on my dc. I then started researching it.

Q2. How are you able to make an emulator that works on the DC? Are you taking tech specs for the system, building an emulator, and then uploading it to a server for your dreamcast to download it from into a vmu? Or something else?

A2. You have probably heard of the Utopia boot Disk and how it loads into the internal memory of the dc, well I am going for something similar, I hope :)

Q3. How do you plan on overcoming the obstacle of the Dreamcast controller having fewer buttons then the Sega Saturn control pad?

A3. I don’t know about the dc controller, just yet, I am having extreme problems with the control.

Q4. In its later stages of development, do you plan on making it so that the Saturn games can be run on high resolution, or will they play on standard resolution?

A4. I am going to higher res. Witch I don’t think will be a problem.

Q5. Will the games be able to save to the vmu memory cards of the Dreamcast?

A5. I have not gone that far with saving games yet. But saving it to the vmu will take a long time most don’t look for that at the first release.

Q6. Do you plan on supporting the DC gun for shooting games such as Virtua cop?

A6. I plan on supporting anything like the dc gun (notice the word "plan" it could change :(

Q7. Do you plan on some time, probably late in development, have it so that you can play import games such as radiant silvergun?

A7. Maybe it will play imports, later in development.

Q8. Is it going to be able to play CD-R games?

A8. Yes it should be able to play CD-R's.

Q9. When do you plan on releasing a version to the


A9. I don’t know a release date yet, as right now it seems to be messing with the laser direction on the dc. I have to fix that and many other problems.

And the last question:

Q10. . How long has Saturn cast been in development?

A10. Saturncast has been in development since last July, but did not really progress until January 2001.

Anyways, looked real enough to me, but alas, it never ended up being released, due to people saying (and possibly being right about) it was a fake. Here is a pic I saved of the Saturncasts logo:

One other thing before I end this post, if you are interested in computer emus, get girigiri, its the fastest and most reliable one out their at this point. It also set to high res, which is quite nice as well.

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does giri giri run Die Hard? (It's like the only saturn game i played) and does it run at full speed on a p4 1.7? or is it one of those limitations that Arakon is talkin' about? :|
Pentium 4's are slower, Intel is bad. I've used AMD chips for several years now, and have only had one problem, and that was soon rectified. INTEL SUXOR AMD ROXOR.
SkankinMonkey, don't be so biased. If you have been using AMD for years now, then you have not truly experienced the power of pentium. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but dont do the SUXOR/ROXOR kind of crap, it makes you look stupid. And back to the question about girigiri: Yes, it should be able to run at full speed and everything, that is unless you have a REALY bad video card, otherwise that should be good enough.
i had both chips. the celeron was a nice thing, but when you place the athlon on a recent and stable mainboard it will outblow the competition.
I do not plan on wasting TWICE the money on a CPU that is way weaker just to get a Pentium. The AMD Durun/Thunderbird series is extremely stable, put them on a good MB and they'll run without any prob ever. my PC with win2k is usually up for 2+ weeks at a time (unless I have to reboot for installations/upgrades) without a single crash. I have only experienced TWO bluescreens in over 8 months owning a duron now. stability issues can only come from a bad MB, bad RAM, or windows.. the AMD CPUs are rock stable.

And considering Intel's bullshit attempts at spying on people with the PIII serial number, their way too high prices (why the #### would anyone buy a P4 2 GHz for the same price as an equally fast, complete AMD system?) and their general crap (Intel is trying to force their P4 MB manufacturers to remove serial ports and floppy drive connectors from their boards next year.. helllooo? I used serial and floppy all the time, who said Intel can decide I don't need them anymore?), I'll stick to AMD.
I haven't used an Intel CPU in my systems for quite a while now, just because 1) I don't upgrade that often, and 2) when I do upgrade, AMD procs give me way more for my money. You can talk about stability and compatibility all you want, but I have yet to see any solid evidence that AMD procs are any less stable or compatible than Intel's latest stuff (aside from Athlons without a heatsink, but that doesn't count unless you're paranoid and/or crazy). P4 kicks Athlon's ass at media encoding, but so far that seems to be the only thing that it has a clear advantage at...
actually, i do have experience with intel's, my brother in law bought a 1.4ghz pentium 4, and it runs like shit, my dad had a 300mhz p2 and it ran like shit, so all in all, intel cpu's, you get it, run like shit.
My computer sucks! I got it a year ago, and it sucks now! lol. I have a VooDoo 3 tho! Pentium 3, 600 celeron, 20 gig, etc....