Saturn FF7 Project

Although I certainly don't think that rewriting a PSX game for Saturn is necessarily a waste of time, I'm kind of puzzled by the choice of FF7 as the game. About the only significance I can see that it has for such a project is that it's a high-profile, attention-getting title. It's not the best choice for a simple proof of concept, and it's not really all that technically impressive (with the possible exception of some of the more complex battle scenes). If Utena simply wants to prove that such a rewrite is feasible without using source code, why not use a technically simpler game like Arkanoid R 2000? And if the goal is to impress, why not do a game that renders a complex world realtime, such as Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver?

Although I personally don't think the project is fake as such, I'm rather discouraged by the fact that the site has 12 prospective logos, but describes zero aspects of the actual rewrite work...
always positive and optimistic arent ya Ex :)

Yeah the whole concept that the site lists NOTHING so far as technical information has always kinda made me think it is complete vaporware. By now Utena should at least have some technical flow diagrams of how he plans of going about putting the game together. I would love to see that at least... at the bare minimum he could grab visio and do some sequence diagrams or at least some mind mapping exercises to get some kind of technical information onto paper that the rest of us can look over and make suggestions to.
Bah, it doesn't look like as if that thing's ever gonna go anywhere... oh well I just bought it for Playstation anyway lol ;)
Probably but he had some sort of way I think... I'm not sure what though. But some games are being ported to DC, and I think the people porting them don't have the source code either so something might be possible but I couldn't imagine what.
Actually, it's entirely possible (depending on what qualifies as a "port"), it's just that porting something without source code is kind of like making a map without eyes; it's possible, but it takes quite a bit of effort and is prone to error, unless you happen to be insanely good at it or someting...
Yeah, in theory, that's possible... but in order to do something this insane, you would have to disassemble the file from the native machine code to create an assembly listing, translate all the psx mips code to sh2, and find all references to the old hardware and change those to reflect the new hardware. Pretty much impossible.

But that wasn't Utena's goal, his goal was to make a new engine that was Final Fantasy-like...
Well I knew Utena was planning to recreate the character models, I believe he was going to be able to manage to keep everything else including the engine some how....
Hi, when I checked the Dev area, I was impressed byt he people who are ettempting to do Saturn games or just converting them.

Then I heard about this 'Saturn Utena' doing FF7 on Saturn, being a fan of the FF series, I thought I'd check out the site.


Then, emailing the dude, he, or she, whatever, responded by saying theproject is dead, only he couldn't be bothered to update the site.

Just thought I'd let you know, as it seemed noone else knew he stopped it.

(I wonder what other fake project he'll start)

Your right it IS vaporware.

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I don't think it was a completely fake project, he started it in all seriousness and goodwill... and I wanted to help him by writing a Cinepak movie driver for the Saturn. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any info or source or anything on Cinepak anywhere, so that kind of fell through. But I really think he _was_ serious about it.