Saturn floppy drive needed

Hi, i was wondering if any of you out there have the floppy drive for the saturn that you want to get rid of? the official japanese one would be good, or one of the devkit ones. If you are interested then please get back to me.
a floppy drive for saturn??? where da hell did they make them??? and what the hell were they used for??? cuz damned if they is real i need one :bandit
Originally posted by mal@May 14 2002,14:36

I believe they were used for saving games to floppy disc.

Sarcasm will get you everywhere, my friend

As for Bertys request, I believe he/she/it was just hoping and guessing wildly - AFAIK there is no such thing.

Go on...somebody prove me wrong
Floppy drive for Saturn? There is NO such device. I think maybe for mega drive/genesis (bootleg device) but no official sega disk drive was ever made for saturn. I wouldn't think a 650 meg game would fit on a floppy...not even a zip.

There was a Zip drive device that was going to come out for Dreamcast but that fell through I believe...

Originally posted by kyosuke75@May 14 2002,15:35

I wouldn't think a 650 meg game would fit on a floppy...not even a zip.

I meant game data; high scores, configuration and saved games.

Having never used one, I'm really talking out my arse!

But here and here are pictures of a Saturn floppy disc drive.

Proof enough Curtis?

The links work... The pictures are real... This floppy drive exists... Model number HSS-0128, "SEGASATURN FDD" ... Cool! I heard about this one a long time ago but had forgotten all about it...

There's a Saturn CD in the pictures as well...probably software to let the Saturn access the floppy and (I assume) transfer saved games between the floppy and the internal backup RAM...

Gosh, what *I* want is that MIDI keyboard for the Saturn... I'd love to harness the power of those synthesizer chips!!!!!!
Originally posted by Curtis@May 14 2002,15:47

But those links don't seem to work:

"403 forbidden..."

Strange. Maybe it's because of off-site linking.

Try going from here, under Saturn hardware.

Mal this is great pictures!!! Thanks for knowing that a thing like that exist for Saturn!!! God, I want one for sure!!! :woah:
im guessing itd cost a kidney too. and since it works with the network adaptor too then if you and a friend and one back in the day then you could transfer highscores and such online. could sell a kidney on ebay like that one guy did.
Very nice photos... i guess tehre is a floppy drive but not for the consumer level. These are all programming/development tools. Man, I'd hate to see the prices for this stuff will go for on ebay or something...

i want that us saturn dev kit
can those things run retail games too??? looks like it uses 72 pin simms hmmm ideas ideas. where can i get one i need one must be master of all things saturn
plz hook me up with a place to buy??
I'm pretty sure these are VERY hard to come by...

I remember seeing a dc dev kit on ebay a few months ago...but it was going for about over 1000 bucks i believe...

Any dev kit for any system usually goes for $$$ on ebay or anywhere since they aren't too many circulating around...

I wish I had my hands on that US saturn kit too...

Hey, the floppy drive is usable with the Jap version of Panzeer Dragoon Saga and Dezaemon 2. I know tht it exists, i have seen them before, not on the web, but in a local game shop, however, this was about 2 years ago. It is white and looks like the new USB zip drives, but it is slimline and plugs into the Com Port on the Saturn.

Trust me, it is real.

So does anybody have one?

please msg me.
Dream boys, dream! Dev kits for the Saturn, when new, ranged in prices from $6 to 10 grand. Not a purchase for the faint of heart. They are still very expensive today unless you happen to know someone who did dev work for the Saturn. Sometimes they have a unit tucked away in a garage or basement that can be had for less. Several of these items are "holy Grails" to us collectores. Happy hunting! (unless I beat you too it first!)
The Saturn disk drives were consumer products in asia, just like twin-sticks or anything else. So you you don't need a dev kit to get one. I have a white disk drive myself, but now that the saturn is pretty much over, its pretty hard to find much SS stuff.

Are the disk drives official sega products or just made by a third party company?

There was no official Sega Disk Drive for the consumer level in USA...

I'm sure there were third party companies that had made them but not by Sega at least in USA...

But I have been wrong before...

Anyone have pics of these?