SAturn Gameshark


Mid Boss
I just got a game shark for my saturn from a friend. I was wondering, if you use a game shark, do you still need a mod chip? Do you still need to convert games to your region? Where are good site for codes?
with gameshark you can do more shitif you have a comms link card

think its still on sx page somehwere, the upgrade to like 1.95 or 85 or some shit. makes it into a pro action replay i think. you can dump your saves to computer, mod em then put em back on if you want. easier to add codes. instead of enterting like 50000000 things on a controller jus up a txt file to it. btw it doesnt work with win2k afaik. 98' it does tho. From wha i can tell it has somthin to do with the batch file you use for the commslink. you could rewrite it i suppose an it'd work. but 2 much trouble, or 2 lazy...