Saturn Keyboard and Netlink

have somebody saw the Keyboard ?

the guy says that it´s a "ps2" black keyboard with adapter

and Netlink with CD

which is the aproximate value of this stuff ?

Thanks !!
PS/2, the conector

and the adapter come with it


Thanks !
Wow, there was a Habitat 2 for the Saturn? For those who don't know, Habitat was the first ever graphical multi-user virtual environment. The program ran on C64s and the service ran on QuantumLink. It was also the first incarnation of the graphics system which would later turn into SCUMM (the first adventure featuring it was Labyrinth, also on the C64).

A quick Google revealed that there was indeed a Saturn version, along with Windows and Mac clients. That page also has a few pictures, but otherwise info seems scarce. What was apparently once the homepage ( has been hijacked ages ago and the WayBack Machine is either broken or can't find anything on that URL. If someone has more info on this version, please post it!
Never seen a keyboard for Saturn in all my years of collecting. The netlink itself goes for about $15 used. I even recently saw a special package deal of daytona usa, virtual on (both netlink additions), with the netlink for @$30. Prices are US dollars.
ive seen the saturn keyboard. it was black in the us....i think you could only get it when the net-link firt shipped since it was a package deal.

the guy want R$50 for it

around 17 US bucks

for keyboard, adapter and Netlink

he got from a trade, he sold a GF4mx and the buyer gave this as part of payment, so he don´t know if it´s working

I´ll try to test before pay

thanks for the answers