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Saturn Lid Sensor Switch

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by downloader, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. downloader

    downloader New Member

    Hey dudes!

    I recently did the lidsensor taping on my saturn which works great!

    But I got to think of the fact that switching cd's on multi-cd games (such as Panzer Dragoon Saga) wasn't possible.

    So I thought "there has to be some other way.

    So I opened up my saturn again, removed the tape, took a closer look at the lid sensor and thought about some theory for a while.

    I took 2 wires (with a solid core), tied them together at one end, and 1 wire touched the front of the lid sensor and the other wire touched the back of the connector.

    The cd started spinning [​IMG]

    I disconnected everything and took the wires appart.

    So I soldered 1 wire to the front of the lid sensor and another wire to the other side of the sensor.....turned on my saturn and nothing happened with the cd...

    I kept the other ends of the wires together and the cd started spinning again....[​IMG]

    "Alien Trilogy" booted!!!

    When disconnecting the wires, I got back to the "saturn bios", telling me the drive was open!

    I let the 2 wires touch again and the disc started spinning again [​IMG]

    All worked fine [​IMG]

    After testing this with a burned game (swapping discs ofcourse), I soldered a switch to the wire, drilled a hole in the little cover that gives access to the bios battery and the expansion port and placed the switch in there.

    Some of you will say that this wasn't the best place to put the switch, but since I won't use the expansionport, it works fine for me.

    Photo's (and a youtube video) will follow [​IMG]


    now one questuin still remains (to me)

    Was this done before or did I figure this one out on my own?
  2. antime

    antime Extra Hard Mid Boss

    I don't think there are any games that require you to swap CDs. IIRC PDS will save the game and then kick you back to the BIOS. Nothing wrong with the hack of course, at least there's no fear of the sensor wearing out.
  3. downloader

    downloader New Member

    What do you mean by that?
  4. antime

    antime Extra Hard Mid Boss

    The metal tongue that forms the actual switch could bend or break. I haven't really heard of it happening on Saturns, but it's a pretty common problem in Dreamcasts.
  5. downloader

    downloader New Member

    ok so I actually did a good thing :)

    I really need to get photo's and maybe a video of switched saturn in action.

    And a guide on how it's done.

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