saturn mod chip newer models

if anyone with knowledge of this can give me any help it would be appreciated. thanks.

basically, i want to get a saturn for the first time. i am looking at a mk-80008 model. i couldn't find any results at all on google for 'mk-80008' or saturn 80008. if i get this model will it be a problem finding a mod chip for it? thanks again to anyone who can help.

if it has round buttons and only a power light, it's a model 2, and mods are easy to find.

if it has oval buttons and both a power and cd light, it's a model 1, and you won't find a mod.
What do you mean? My Sega Saturn is a Model 1 with the oval shaped buttons and 2 lights one for power and one for access....and it swaps like a model 1 saturn just fine, and I counted the pins on the ribbon cable several times and even my friend checked also....It has 21 pins. So if I bought a 21 pin modchip (which is easy to find) wouldnt that work just fine as well?
Wow lucky you! I heard that 21 pin model saturns are rare. If I was you, I'd get a modchip. (yes it will work if its 21 pins) so as not to damage you Saturn from constant swapping. Just a suggestion...
if your sasturn internal layout matches the instructions on the site that you looking at buying a modchip from then you will be ok

there are a few 21 pin saturns in older model 1 cases though (probabbly sega using up their old covers)

21 pin saturns arent rare as such, as there were alot produced, just those people who have them dont tend to sell them now
there was a very small run of model 2's in model 1 cases, yes. but I doubt he'll be able to open up the saturn before he bought it to count the pins :p
Quote: from Arakon on 8:39 am on Oct. 29, 2001

there was a very small run of model 2's in model 1 cases, yes. but I doubt he'll be able to open up the saturn before he bought it to count the pins :p

I've heard about these, but it makes me wonder (and forgive the ignorance, I try to research before I ask, but I'm inbetween classes right now). Do these hybrid Saturns have an access light? If so, wouldn't it be possible to locate where the access light is hooked up so that those with Model 2's could add one to theirs? I seem to remember when I was first learning about the swap trick that it's easier with a light but no one could figure out where it was on the Model 2. I suppose someone probably would have done it by now if it could have been, but if they're as rare as people say then maybe one hasn't made it into the right hands yet...
the prob is also that there was a whole bunch of different PCB revisions of the model 2, so while the spots for that one model might be easy to find, the ones for other pcb revisions might not be.
the led on my 21 pin model 1 is on the seperate controller board, my model 2 with contoller board has a space for a led on the same board, my modded model 2 with intergrated controller baord doesnt

you would need to find someway of mounting the led so it could be seen on the casing though, and if you have a model 2 anyway you would be just as well to get a chip to remove the hassle of swapping