Saturn mod chip options


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Other than the Lik Sang style mod boards I have read about a differnt one. It used a pass through instead of plugging in. I have seen some postings that mention these also. My question is, are these available anywhere. When I searched for mod board directions, and the one I found showed the pass through style & refered to it as style 7 (I believe).
there is only one kind of modchip that lets you play burned games, and those are a passthrough between the cd-rom's ribbon to the motherboard. carts are only good for playing import originals
What I mean is this:

The Lik Sang board plugs into the system board where the cable goes. The cable then runs from the mod board to the laser (I believe). I say a goide for one that looked different. It had a slot for the cable (again the laser I believe) and then a cable that ran to the system board. It then listed only the cable that ran to the power.

Also, the following posting talks about two different mod boards:;hl=new
No, he is right. That thread does cover two types of mod.

The style of mod that Lik-Sang and Lan Kwei sell, where the mod is inserted into the ribbon cable 'socket' on the mainboard, and 'the more common' sort (that isn't available online) that uses two ribbon cables in a sort of pass through fashion.

Good luck trying to find one of the latter types...

... and let us know if you do
I have one of those mods. Only one wire to solder (+5v) since the board already has the crystal. There should be more where I got it (I'm in Portugal - Europe).

If you could find out who makes them that would be great because people could start ordering them. The only current mod manufacturer I know of is Xinga and they make the mods that Lan-Kwei, Game Gizmo, Play the Games, and Lik Sang sell.
Hi !!

someone can tell me if the Lik-Sang modchip will work in my Saturn ?? the console board:



this is different from the most common boards that I saw:


thank you !
Yours looks like the one witht he 64 pin IC instead. I think PlayTheGames has directions on installing the two-wire plug mod on that machine.
If anyone from Europe wants I can try and buy some more of these mods (only +5V wire, pass-through type mod) here and send them. They only work on Model 2's though, they do not work on 21pin Model 1's (afaik).

DBOY: I'll try and find out who makes em.

How much would you charge for one and does it come with a second ribbon cable you'd need for a pass-through? I'm very interested in getting one of these even if its from you instead of the manufacturer. Especially since the Xinga board that Lan-Kwei sold me went poof last week.
Why aren't mod chips illegal? They are made to play burned games. You can't tell me people use them to play their own copied games, that is just bullshit. People are distributing the burned cd's to friends or uploading the files on the internet. Who makes the mod chips? If sega makes them, than that is just hypocritical.
Originally posted by BrindA17@May 25 2002,11:43

You can't tell me people use them to play their own copied games, that is just bullshit. People are distributing the burned cd's to friends or uploading the files on the internet.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I do both.

I haven't had an original game go near my Saturn for over a year. 99% of my originals (and I have only have 67 - work that one out
) are second hand and are atleast a little scratched. I don't want them to get any worse, so I've made copies of each and every one.

I do, however, have CDR games that I've downloaded and traded too.

Oh yeah, I'd be interested in one of these pass through mods too if possible. I'm doing some research into modifying 21 pin mods for 20 pin Saturns (and maybe removing the dependancy on a signal wire) and one of those mods could be useful.
To anyone interested in the 'pass-through' mods:

Ok, I phoned the place and the guy said he doesn't remember where they got these mods from - they got it long ago and as soon as they run out they won't re-stock cos the Saturn section is to be terminated :\ The mods are 20 Euros (about $18.40), ie cheaper than lik-sang but more expensive than lan-kwei. So I can only see interest if you really need this particular type of mod (or live in Europe). The mod already comes with a ribbon cable for the pass-through, but you have to solder the +5v wire yourself. More info about this mod here:

If anyone's *really* interested in this please PM me before May 30th which is when i'll be going there next.