Saturn Mod CHip

I just got a used Sega V-saturn. It didn't work. So I opened it up and discovered a MOD chip!

I put the mod chip in my similar US system (both model 2 style)... but no results because I couldn't figure out where the red wire was suppossed to go.

I finally figured out via the net that it should go to the 5V line. So just as I was moving it to that area, the other end of the red wire broke off the board!

Now I have no idea were it was originally soldered because it is so thin and was thinly attached. so anyway, I can take a pic of the chip, but I need someone to tell me where the red wire attaches on their mod chips.

Note: it is a 21 pin chip, exactly identical to the image in this pic I found on a great website.

Please help.
Umm... probably somewhere near where it says 5v on the top of the PCB?

Seriously though, there will probably the remains of where the red wire was attached somewhere near there, and that should tell you where to reattach it.
* NOTE: The remains of the red wire probably won't actually be red - it'll just look like a pin sticking out from the top of the board. Solder here.

Just for clarity's sake.
I just hope that it isn't the MOD CHIP that caused his V-Saturn to not work.

Perhaps try that Saturn again without the mod, see if it's still dead. If not, all that work may be for nothing.
Here are actually pics of the mod chip I pulled out of the V-saturn.

Please tell me where the red wire should go on the chip. please. please. sugar on top. etc.

As for the v-saturn. I switched the power board with my US saturn and it booted up. but it would not load the disk (interesting title screen and menu)... I replaced the actual CD drive with my US model, and still, it would not load a disk. it only says, "loading" and eventually stops. the CD never even runs... so I figured something must be wrong with the V-saturn board. or incompatible. I have shifted my attention to getting the mod chip into my USA model.
My guess would be that you'd want to connect a 5v wire to the point next to the resistor that is further away from the ribbon cable sockets.

Does that make sense?
ok. I see where. And if you look closely there seems to be extra room over there (maybe a contact surface). And also when I look on the back there is an extra wad of solder there.

With all those things apparent, I am still hesitant. I dont' want to damage the board. So, does anyone have a pic on the net or of their own similar mod chip?

I would like to compare before I bust out the soldering kit.
Wait for a second opinion if you like, but I can't see anywhere else on the mod that you'd solder a wire to.

That, and the fact that the other link that you provided earlier quite clearly marks that point as '5v'.

Mind you, the mod in that first pic isn't quite 100% identicle to your mod either. It just has one less capacitor as far as I can tell.