Saturn Mod suggestions?

Since i have finally aquired a copy of Castlevania for the saturn, i need a system to play it. i can find them easily, but was wondering which is the easiest to make it play imports/backups. Any suggestions on which chip i should get and links to where to get one? thanks

Look out for a Saturn that has round buttons. They have 21 pin ribbon cables from the CD board to the main board, and that's the only type you can still buy mods for.

I'd buy a mod from GameGizmo if I were you as the mods from Lik-Sang and Lan-Kwei may have some compatability problems.

Saturns with a 32 pin IC on the CD board are better to mod as all mods seem to work fine with them.

Saturns with a 64 pin IC on the CD board seem to have compatability issues with Lik-Sang and Lan-kwei mods, but a few have reported success. Gamegizmo mods seem to work fine with 64 pin IC Saturns.

There's a rarer type of Saturn with an extra PCB (called a PC trap) in-line with the ribbon cable. Only one person so far that I am aware of has successfully modded one of those.
and i want to be clear on this. a saturn mod will play backups, but to play backup imports, i would also need a Pro Action Replay or other plug in import playing device, correct?
To play backups, yes you need a modchip. You could also try the swap trick. These are the only two methods for playing copies. Neither helps you if you have imported games (copied or original).

If they are copied imports you can use Satconv to make them compatible with your system. If they are original imports you will need to use an Action Replay (or similar) or copy them and use Satconv. Ripping/burning/copying guides in the Miscellaneous section.

Hope this clears things up for you.