Saturn Model 1 refuses to spin disc

Hey all . got a Saturn Model 1 which turns on and everything however refuses to spin the disc. Guys got any idea what could be the problem. I suspect it has to do with the cd pot, and have messed with it trying to get it going, but have got no where. Thanks alot all.
I am pretty sure that was in real tight, and it does not look damaged. I actually think now that the cd drive is just burned out or something. Are they hard to find replacements for?

It can be hard to get a replacement that will work for the sole reason that there are so many different versions of the cd-rom... and you need the same one you have right now. Last week I saw an ebay auction where they were auctioning off dead saturns (they had no idea what made them dead, they were just dead), you could prolly pick those up for $5 a pop if they are up still or if they got reposted (looks like they had shelves full of them). If you bought several of those you might get the one you need.

edit: alternately I do have another model 1 saturn laying around if you wanna buy that lol.
Hey. I believe I saw the exact same auction, just the problem is the shipping on em. I have another Model 1 that works perfect, just wanted to get this model 1 going. Happen to know if anybody would want to buy the old one off of me, in a non cd spinning state?