Saturn PCM <-> WAVE converter!


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Hello guys!

I've analyzed the differences between the SEGA Saturn .PCM format and the PC .WAV format.

Now here's a beta win9x version of the

SEGA Saturn wavetools:

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There are two ways of usage:

You got .PCM or .SND files from Saturn game CD's and want to hear it on PC.

Or you're making a homebrew Saturn game and want to include custom sounds created on PC.

Mind that this is a beta version. But there is only one file that I know of that makes problems.

What's your opinion?


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You need WinRAR at least version 2.9 to extract. If the CRC32 of "SSwavetools_win9x_beta1.rar" you're getting is FAA02175, then the file should extract fine.
I've finaly tested your converter on a wav file. It seems to work well.

The .h you output is a int array (-128,128, as I can see), whereas I did expect a char[]. Does it matter, or are you sure char and int are the same ?

What about that file that makes problems ?

Did you test with a snd file and a saturn ? In this case, could you put the loading code somewhere (I know it is not hard, but if it's already done) ?

Thanks for your soft, anyway
int and char are the same...that is, as long as int is a single byte
the only difference is in how you interpret the value: as a number, or as an ASCII code.

BTW, the correct range for signed bytes is -128 to 127.

The .h file is OK, the compiler would have shown an error if it wasn't(values bigger 127).

As for loading .PCM or .SND files on Saturn, I have only tried to play sounds that where included into the binary(that's what the .h files are for). Using the SGL sample sound program it worked, but I haven't played around with the pitch settings, you have to do so for yourself.

If you got a clue how the pitch value is related to the .wav values(samplerate or what), let me hear.

And concerning .snd files: they are a concatenation of .pcm sounds. So if you're going to make a game and you're sure what sounds you use in a level, then you put all that sound together in one .snd file. You will only have to load one file once, instead of several files again and again.

Sound loading code: search the boards, there was a discussion of someone who wasn't sure if to put the sound files into main memory or sound memory. Maybe you can find code there.