The guy who runs it is a really great guy! Whenever I've ordered anything from there it's been fine though. If you're in the UK there isn't too much choice for Saturn stuff.. But you'll probably get better deals on ebay than on there.

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Originally posted by Myname@Jun 9, 2003 @ 05:46 PM

Sorry man, I was in a horrific mood when I wrote that, should've edited it later. I just had an email disagreement with you once over the fact that you 'give away' backup games with your modchips, but what's done is done.

And I wasn't criticising your prices, I was just saying that you can get better deals on ebay if you're the patient type.

I'm off to edit the first post..

So you've never met me and you never lived near me? Pretty weird thing to write no matter what mood you're in.

Can't really remember the said disagreement i'm afraid. All I can say is I only ever supplied backups because people requested them to test the chips. I don't anymore because someone tried to get the site shut down because of it. But I won't point fingers.

Anyway. No harm done.
JOe, you've got your apology and Myname fixed the offending post.

If you want to discuss it further with him, that's OK, just do it privately.